Rugeley Runners

Founded in 1984 as Rugeley & District Athletic Club, Rugeley Runners is your local, friendly running club. The club caters for all abilities from beginners through to experienced runners.

We meet at Rugeley Cricket Club every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:20pm.

Yearly Memberships are payable after a 1 month free trial at a cost of £15 - £25 per year depending on membership level.

Below is breakdown of the running groups we provide


Short Group 3-4 miles. Open pace

This means there is no cap on the pace so this group is open to all abilities. Although please remember that you should be capable of running 3 mile without stopping to run with the club. MUSTERING RULES apply to this group for ALL RUNNERS.

Middle Group 5-6 miles. 10-12 Minute Miles

The slowest pace allowed in this group is 12 minute miles, the leader of this group will be running at between 10 and 12 minute mile pace throughout the run. If you run faster than this the usual mustering rules apply. MUSTERING RULES apply to this group for ALL RUNNERS.

Long Group 8 mile +. 10 minute mile pace and below

The pace of this group may change if the course is all off road. MUSTERING RULES apply to this group for ALL RUNNERS.


Short Group 3-4 mile. Open pace

Middle Group 5-6 mile. 10-12 Minute Miles

Long Group 8 miles +. 10 minute mile pace and below

Additional Long Group 8-10 mile. 10-12 Minute Miles

This group will be additional to the other groups and will be led by Tracy or Lou, more information on this group will be posted on Facebook leading up to the run. MUSTERING RULES apply to this group for ALL RUNNERS.

NOTE FOR ALL LEADERS. The distance of these groups needs to be within the boundaries of the stated mileage. No more than the max distance.

Finally a message for all members/runners with the club. Mustering is compulsory, this is the clubs number 1 rule! We do this for a number of reasons. 1. Safety. No one should be left on their own on a run. 2. Team work/motivation. We should be working as a team and encouraging each other to get better. 3. Progression. You won't get better if you stand and wait at every muster point, you will just stay the same. Mustering will give you more distance. Alternatively if you feel you need these rests you are running too fast!!