Rugeley Runners

Birmingham Half Marathon
16 October
Birmingham Half Marathon
George Hill           1:34:55
Michael Kilfoy        1:36:58
Richard Lycett        1:39:01
Paul Weston           1:47:10
David Taylor          1:48:31
Rob Loomes            1:58   
Steve Brown           2:04:22
Steve Tranter         2:05:10
Clare Smith           2:08:13
Steve Sedgley         2:09:13
Steve Hawkes          2:09:26
Jade Loomes           2:18:16
Sadie Burns           2:25:37
Allison Kelly         2:30   
Zoe Burns             2:31:45
Tracie Wallis         2:36:29
Marie Ainger          3:23:38
Palma Marathon
15 October
Palma Marathon
Lisa Smith            3:21:12
Chris Wood            3:28:44
Chester Marathon
2 October
Chester Marathon
Louise Croton         4:27:59
Tracy Ball  	      4:28:22
Jennifer Chapman      4:54:02
Chester Metric Marathon (26.2km)
Kevin Ball  	      2:17:58
Chris Hardie          2:27:15
Congleton Half
2 October
Congleton Half
Richard Marland       1:46:03
Winsford XC
1 October
Winsford XC
Andy Emerson       40th
Keith Jellyman     103rd
George Hill        142nd
David Taylor       245th
Stafford 10k
24 September
Stafford 10k
Clare Smith           54:51
Sadie Burns  	      59:15
Annaleise Woodward    59:19
Denise Watson       1:02:48
Lichfield 10k
11 September
Lichfield 10k
Steve Brown           49:50
Jacque Rollings       53:16
Zoe Burns           1:03:35
Sadie Burns  	    1:05:06
Michael Kilfoy      1:05:07
Great North Run
11 September
Great North Run
Kevin Ball      1:41:33
Jeremy Horton   1:48   
Tracy Ball      2:00:45
Ipstone 5
Ipstone 5
10 September
Oliver Stone        32:27
Chris Wood          35:12
Lisa Smith          35:37
Richard Marland     39:40
South Cheshire 20
South Cheshire 20
4 September
Oliver Stone      2:26:49
Chris Wood        2:29:37
Lisa Smith        2:31:07
Rugeley 10k
Rugeley 10k
29 August
Andy Emerson        38:45
Chris Durose        48:19
Jeremy Horton       48:57
Steve Tranter       55:26
Laura Gambrill    1:00:09
Steve Hawkes      1:03:14
Tracie Wallis     1:07:12
Sean Land         1:24:26
Heather Bailey    1:34:52
Marie Ainger      1:34:52
Dave Clarke 5
Dave Clarke 5
18 August
Ronley Kirwin    18:07
Dan Gambrill  	 19:00
Oliver Stone     19:02
Keith Jellyman   19:39
Chris Hardie     21:41
Kevin Ball       21:45
Lee Woodward     22:13

Thursday evening seven members of Rugeley Runners decided to have a go at the NSRRA 5km "Dave Clarke 5". To make things a little harder 5 decided that they would cycle the 20 miles to the venue in Trentham (Ronley Kirwan, Dan Gambrill, Chris Hardie, Kev Ball,and Lee Woodward). You could say that this is some warm up. The other two, Keith Jellyman, and Oliver Stone decided to go with the more conventional method, and drive there.

It was a warm evening, but not too bad as over 200 runners stood on the starting line. As it was a short race by comparison, it was always going to be a fast run, especially for Ronley Kirwan who finished 21st in 18m 00s, Dan Gambrill was the second runner 37th in 19 min 00s, followed in a sprint finish by Oliver Stone in 19min 02s. With short gap club chairman Keith Jellyman came home 48th In 19min 39s. Chris Hardie and Kev Ball both finishers of the latest Staffordsire Ironman race, had their own competition, Chris just nipping in 88th in a time of 21m 41s, and Kev 89th in 21m 45s. Finally one of Rugeley's newer recruits Lee Woodward who has gone from strength to strength since joining, had a good run finishing 104th in 22m 13s.

The race was well organised, and marshalling was faultless, making it a recommended run for future races. After a chat and a few gulps of water to dehydrate, the 5 cyclists made their way back to Rugeley, and a well earned rest.

Meerbrook 15k
Meerbrook 15k
30 July
Chris Wood       1:10:46
Lisa Smith  	 1:14:53
Richard Marland  1:21:02
Jacque Rollings  1:27:43
Staffs Knots 5
Staffs Knots 5
27 July

Due to all the runners going the incorrect way all the results were void. The following Rugeley Runners took part.

Oliver Stone   
Chris Wood     
Lisa Smith     
Richard Marland
Jeremy Horton  
David Taylor   
Trentham 10k
17 July
Keith Jellyman   42:20
Oliver Stone     43:23
Richard Marland  51:09
Steve Tranter    59:05
14 July
David Taylor  41:10
Joanne Roden  41:50
Arthur Roden  44:25
Shugborough Relays
6 July
Michael Kilfoy  14:57
Lisa Smith      15:43
Paul Weston     16:16
Richard Marland 17:02
David Taylor    17:45
Chris Durose    17:48
Steve Tranter   18:22
Dawn            19:20
Lynn Lowe       20:28
Denise Watson   21:07
Arthur Roden    21:30
Zoe Burns       22:04

Potteries Marathon


Black Country Half


Berryhill 10k